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7 Ways Pinterest can Get you Higher Sales

Reeling in the Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

There is still a large amount of controversy surrounding the debate on whether or not Pinterest can make your company make more sales, but it surely does one thing – proving everyday that people are interested in buying what they see on the site. Pinterest is a form of social media in which people can upload pictures and articles. Members can favorite, comment, follow and “pin” things they enjoy to their boards. The boards function the same way that a profile works. Everything that you like or associate with appears on your board. But, how can this type of social networking and sharing can be translated into higher sales? Let’s go over a few ways in which Pinterest can help your business.

  1. Know the Demographic

    Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing social media sites with over 70 million members worldwide. Of those 70 million, about 80% are women. Knowing these kinds of statistics, how can you make your company stand out and sell to this demographic of users? Appealing to the people who are primarily using this site will help to increase your sales and publicity. As with any market, knowing the niche increases sales and profit, so make sure you understand it before you invest in it.

  2. Make it Inspiring to Purchase

    One of the primary uses of a site like Pinterest is to give people inspiration concerning fashion, home decor, travel, technology and much more. If you can tune your Pinterest profile to help those that would use your product, you have a greater chance of finding customers. For example, if you are a tech supply company, pin things that help those not so tech-savvy find easy solutions. Then, you can lead them to your products.

  3. Coupons

    Have you ever met a person that didn’t appreciate a deal? There is nothing like getting something great for a bargain, or better, for free. Offering coupons for your products is a great way to get people’s attention and keep their interest. Offer discounts or prizes if members re-pin things from your board or if they share your products on other social media accounts. It’s a win-win for business and customer as it builds a relationship between the two.

  4. Optimization

    Just because Pinterest uses primarily images does not mean that your board cannot be optimized for search engines. You want your board to come up before others when they use search engines to find products or services. Make sure the keywords you want to use are in your About section and make your username short and direct so that search engines can immediately put you in the results page.

  5. Contests

    When it comes to the retail industry, competition is the lifeblood. Customers can be entranced with the idea of a contest as well. If you’re a clothing retailer, ask for designs and offer a prize to the best one. Use contests to promote a specific product or campaign. The member that shares your company’s products the most, photo contests, Twitter competitions, you can be as creative as you want, just make sure the prize fits the amount of work your customer will have to do.

    Pinterest Pins

    Pinterest Pins

  6. Get Re-Pinned

    Pinterest’s re-pinning efforts function the same way that following does on Twitter. The more re-pins you receive, the bigger your pool of potential customers becomes. One recent survey found that 19% of purchases were made through Pinterest when a member found a product on a friend’s board. Getting your products re-pinned as much as possible will be the key to making more sales through Pinterest.

  7. Connect with Pinners

    If you have loyal followers, those that promote your company or a member that gets your board a great deal of traffic, you should thank them. Let them know you appreciate the work they do and that you want to help them as well. Cross-promoting will bring new customers to you as well as showing potential customers that reciprocity is the way you do business.

Pinterest being a fastest growing social site with thousands members joining each day it is clear that with the right strategies of marketing using images you can hit the nail and make the most out of this image pinning site.

This guest post was written by M.G. Bachemin, a Marketing Associate for Brahman Systems. Learn more at http://www.brahmansystems.com/.