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A Brief on Targeted Electronic Marketing Method

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a widely used form of marketing. It is used by businesses to help them become better recognized and to help them make more sales and profit. There are many benefits from using email marketing including the ones listed below.


Email marketing is a fantastic way to improve communication between you and your customers. By sending out emails to a specific target group with information on your company, newsletters, offers and promotions you will capture their attention and be remembered by those interested.  Those who enjoy what you have to offer will generally recommend your services to others therefore spreading the word and getting you better recognized.

Target groups:

The great thing about email marketing is that you can sort your contacts into certain target groups based on interests, age and sex etc. This allows you to fill your emails with information about your services or products that would interest a specific target group. This way you are more likely to get a response from people.

Sending emails:

Experiment with your emails by sending batches of emails on different days and at different times in the day.  It is proven that emails are better registered at certain times and days due to a person’s interest, concentration levels and when they are expected to read the email.  For example: people who work full time may want to check their emails on a weekend when they have some time to themselves. By experimenting with your emails you will be able to find out the best times for you and take action.

See who does what:

It is possible to be able to keep a record of what action is taken against your email once sent to customers. You are able to track who opened your emails and who clicked on certain links within your emails. From this information you can further improve your emails by seeing what interests your customers and who is interested in your products. Using this information you can target your emails even more to get better results.


Email marketing is a far cheaper option of marketing than regular mailing or advertising. Sending paper mail can cost you in postage and advertising can cost you money on equipment and man power. Email marketing is a quick, easy and effective way to achieve brand recognition, improve sales and make a profit.

This is a guest post by Katy, she  works for email marketing company, Rapidshot that specialize in targeted email marketing.

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