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Received Unnatural Links Warning from Google? Do Not Worry, Just Disavow it!

Webmasters and SEO guys could take a deep breath after suffering long from Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Yes, there is a good reason why the Disavow tool has been launched by the Big G. After the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates by Google, many sites found their rankings dropped by a good measure. A few started getting warnings from Google as well, about unnatural links pointing to their sites that violates Google quality guidelines of building links. Webmasters and site owners tried to remove all remarked aspects,  but they were unable to remove a few of the links because of non-access or other reasons. Well, now after long you can shed off your worries as the user friendly search giant has developed a disavow tool using which, you can ask Google to ignore the links you don’t want Google to consider as backlink towards your site.

How to use Disavow tool by Google?

As mentioned above the big G truly takes care of its users and so like all its other tools and services used for different purposes this tool is also very easy to use. Check below 5 simple steps to understand how to use Google Disavow tool:

  1. Log in in to your Google webmaster tools section from your Google account.
  2. After getting in to that page you will find the tool which looks like the image above, along with list of sites you could be able to disavow links for.
  3. Then choose a site and Google will display a warning about the tool and will ask you to be careful for disavowing sites which are not harming your ranking could lead to a drop in your SERP rankings.
  4. Soon after displaying the warning and confirming your site selection it will ask you to upload a .txt file where in you need to mention the domain name you are having issues with along with the date contacted for removing the link and response from the domain owner or its webmaster.
  5. After that you need to mention the URL/subpages URL of the domain where your link is showing up along with the reason why you are unable to remove. The format in the .txt file will be something like below:

# Contacted owner of spamdomain1.com on 7/1/2012 to

# ask for link removal but got no response
# Owner of spamdomain2.com removed most links, but missed these

How Disavow Link Tool can affect SEO?

SEO I think will be affected positively, however this tool is a warning to SEO Companies for SEO guys who use to spam sites by building low quality links. This link is basically helpful for the site or business owners who are suffering the Black Hat SEO performed by the SEO Company they have hired for their work. Business owners must keep a check on daily link building and methods performed by the SEO Companies to rank their site so that in future it must not repeat.

Somehow I feel that all these updates by Google mean just one thing that is relevant and informative so that motive of the user searching a particular term must be successful. I think this much updates by big G is sufficient for the spammers to understand that it will over soon and the spam word on the web will be a history.

For more information and clear understanding of Disavow tool you can check below Matt Cutts video explaining about it or visit Google’s help on Disavow links here .

In near future Google will improve itself to a higher extent and I feel at least by that time relevancy and quality work will be considered by most of the business owners and marketers if they want a sustainable business with quality and targeted organic web traffic.


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