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How Google Authorship Can Increase the CTR of Your Google Results

Google Authorship allows you to link your original content to your Google+ account. When people are searching for content, your Google+ image, byline and other profile information will appear next to the Authorship material. These personalized results give you a much higher chance of catching someone’s eye and thus improving your click through rate (CTR). Since a killer CTR is essential to building an online presence and raising your site’s Google ranking, it’s important to know how and why Authorship can increase clicks, convert visitors and decrease bounce rates.

Google Author Example

Authorship boosts CTR for long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are highly specific and target smaller and more competitive markets. Using Google Authorship in conjunction with long tail keywords encourages sites and businesses to publish more relevant content. This relevant content will then be displayed on the search engine results page for the long tail keyword. Whether a searcher is looking for “motor gradersfor sale in Pennsylvania” or a “vintage 1920s engagement ring,” he or she is more likely to click through to relevant content displayed with the Google Authorship snippet.If you’ve provided relevant content for these long tail keywords, the user will likely find your content useful, follow your call to action anddecrease the page’s bounce rate.

Bonus links and prime real estate

If a searcher clicks one of your Google Authorship links, reads the content for a few minutes and then clicks the “back” button on their browser, they will likely be shown a new “More by Author” section under your link on the results page. As you can see in the screenshot, these bonus links will lead the searcher to click on more of your related content. These links will also upgrade your real estate space on the results page, doubling the original space allotment along with your authorship photo and byline.

It’s important to note that bonus links and extra space will only increase a link’s CTR if the content is helpful and relevant to the searcher. If this is true, searchers who click on your original content and bonus links will also likely see your content again in other search queries, increasing the CTR for other keywords. When taking advantage of these opportunities, always remember that you’re a writer first, and you’re seriously putting your name and reputation on the line. Clicks are great, but they have to turn into conversions. Putting equal effort into writing content and linking Google+ and Authorship is the key to success.

This is a guest post by Adrienne Erin. Adrienne is a freelance writer, blogger, and aspiring novelist. She writes articles about everything from motor graders to alarm clocks.

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